Trail Riding

Flying R Ranch
HC64 Box 6015
West Plains, MO 65775

(417) 469-2267


Riding at the Flying R Ranch provides a variety of different trails and varied terrain. Trails are constantly being developed and our goal is to give you a great trail riding experience. Nearly all the trails leave camp via three main trails near the stalls., and meander down to the North Fork White River and begin after crossing the water. Watch for painted wooden signs that give the name of the trails.  There are hundreds of acres to explore and we join the Mark Twain National Forest on three sides of the ranch.

Jesse James Trail (black) – This trail begins by leaving the camp on the road heading toward the cabins. Before you start down the hill, watch for signs pointing you toward the right and a red gate. This trail will wind through five “hollers” (hollows) along rock ledges and outcroppings. You will follow the  river which will be on your left and pass through Whiskey Hollow, There are several spring branches to cross and you will come out at the Upper Crossing.  This is our newest trail and we have plans to extend it in the future. (approximately 2 hour ride)

Calamity Jane, Yellow – Follow the road from camp until you see the trail cut in on the right   Signs will mark your way. This short trail will bring you out on the road past the cabins and take you down to the river. After crossing the river turn to the right and watch for signs . The trail runs along the river on your right and you will cross it one more time. After crossing there is a short meadow and then you will cut up into the woods along a rock ledge. The trail then circles around in a loop. You will see the meadows below you on the right. This is a nice loop along the top of the ridge with two caves, noted in clusters of ribbons. These caves are hard to find in the summer and require a tricky climb down to see them. There is also a rock outlook for the brave souls who want a beautiful view. Or, just tie up your horses and enjoy the scenery. After curving back to the left, look for the hole in the fence and you will come out in another meadow. The trail goes along the perimeter of the field and then back up along the edge near the National Forest boundary and their fence. Follow the yellow ribbons around the lodge and you will find a pass through unlocked gate next to a larger locked gate.  You can follow the Lodge Road for a short distance and pick up a trail on the right or ride down the road until you come to the power lines, turn right and follow the trail back to camp. For an extended ride, watch for the big rocks on your left just past the falling down house and follow this trail which crosses 181 and circles back to the Lodge Road.  (Approximately 12 miles, 4 hours).

Annie Oakley, Red Trail – This trail starts after crossing the river at the middle crossing and turns to the left.  The trail runs along the edge of the field with the river on your left and a view of the cabins.  You will pass a large, old barn,  go through the gate and cross the road turning to your left.  DO NOT CROSS THE RIVER HERE, but follow the creek to your right.   Continue upstream a little way to Turnbull Cave on your right.  Continue on this trail until you come to a forest service road where you will turn left (watch for a large rock).  Continue until you see red ribbons  and a pile of rocks where you will turn back into the forest and follow the trail back into the woods.   You can pick up the ZANE GRAY, Orange Trail from this trail as well. (Approximately 3 miles, 2-3 hours)

Zane Gray Trail, Orange – This trail starts after you cross the river and go around the meadow on the Annie Oakley trail. Ride behind the old barn (don’t go through the gate) and pick up the trail which goes along the ridge and intersects with the Annie Oakley trail again. Follow the orange ribbons to the right where it goes through the pines. You will ride until you come out near an old flatbed trailer and either continue straight ahead to the river or turn right to pick up the trail as it goes back through the trees again to an original Wells Fargo trail.  (Approximately 4-5 miles, 2-3 hours)

Red Mountain Trail – This trail can be accessed either by leaving the ranch and turning right out the front gate or from the Annie Oakley trail. From the ranch, follow the black top less than a quarter of a mile to the dirt road 279 and cross Steel Bridge.  Continue on the gravel road to Forest Service Road 749 on the right until you reach the Annie Oakley trail.  It is mostly flat but plenty of shade.   (Approximately  12 miles)


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